Final departure and a thank you to G2

I am finally free from @CarlosR basement, I am free to roam the world and see the beauty of nature and for the first time in 3 months see the sun, however on a more serious note I am so happy to have been part of the group that won it all, to have been with an organisation that truly care for its players, I love all my former teammates like brothers, what we achieved together is insane and I have those moments close to my heart.

I do however also have a lot of other people I would like to mention and thank for my time.

@G2husky This man doesn't get even slightly the amount of praise he deserves, he is my big teddy bear and he takes care of all the players like they were his own children, I mean we basically children, just not his, he makes things work. Love you long time Danny

The camera team and I have worked closely together as the "non english speakers" were not too keen on doing interviews and the stupid videos where you make yourself into a clown, I did a lot of that and even tho you guys are a pain, always easy to work with and good people, thank you Karina @ziminaite, Charlos @FilmCharles and last but not least Sascha @sascha_kaliga

The social media crew is also very mean people, they think they are funny but they are not even close to being as funny as me, obviously nobody is. Yannick and I got a special story and that is why he will always be my nr1 :) @_Yaniko, thank you to Austin @Jujubez_ he is a total clown and thank you Tina @shadowmisstep, you guys the social media people I talked to the most, and thus are the only ones that matter to me.

But lets not miss those buffoons boss Chris @riacuro he saved my ass more than once and also denied a lot of my tweets that I asked if I was allowed to post, so you can blame him for missing out on a lot of REALLY fun stuff

@CarlosR thank you big boss for believing in us and taking me and my boys to G2, always having our back in times of trouble and always bringing a positive mindset

Also thank you to all our supporters over the years, really appriciate that in the end I can only have this job because of you.

Also to all the people wondering about my future, nothing is set yet, I don't know what I will do, I got some plans on starting a company and we'll see where things end up in my life :)

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