I have to speak about this, because this is extremely important.

I want to make clear that I'm aware that I'm privileged. Privileged because of the model minority stereotype, even though I was bullied by other Asian Americans for not fitting in the model minority stereotype.

But saying that, I'm angry of how George Floyd died. I'm angry of how many innocent African Americans were murdered because of an oppressive and racist police system. And I'm angry at how African Americans were screwed over by the government and society in the US for 4 centuries through kidnapping and forced slavery, segregation, lynching, the Drug War, arrest disparities between African Americans and whites (even for the same crimes), automatic suspicion, etc.

But I know I have no right to talk about this since I'm aware I'm partially at fault for what's happening to African Americans due to my silence.

I don't know if anything I do is enough to bring more awareness to the horrible mistreatment of African Americans. But when I do get enough, I do plan on donating to an organisation that supports #BlackLivesMatter. And if I can, I'll sign petitions to demand justice for George Floyd and other African Americans who were wrongfully killed by the police. And if I can, I'll try to email political representatives to try to get them accountable for their actions that led to the wrongful deaths of many African Americans and innocent people, including George Floyd.

In short, I fully believe that #BlackLivesMatter. And I believe that the only way that #BlackLivesMatter becomes reality is if the money going to the oppressive and racist police system is reduced and that independent watchdogs force the police system to be accountable for any action. And although #AllLivesMatter sounds innocent from first glance, many people that use #AllLivesMatter use it to downplay the oppression and racism African Americans have to experience for centuries.

If you no longer want to be friends with me, because I support #BlackLivesMatter, I believe that the police system is extremely oppressive and racist and needs to have money going to them reduced, and that #AllLivesMatter is codeword for black lives don't really matter, then go ahead. I don't want your company to begin with.

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