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27th May 2020 from TwitLonger

Flocculency: A predator who keeps getting away with her acts

A close friend of mine who I've known for a while has been preyed on by Flocculency. As some of you have known for a while, Flo has spoken very sexually to multiple minors. One of my close friends, who I will keep anonymous as his own wish, has been a victim of Flo. I dont think its right if I stay silent about this. This behaviour between my friend and Flo started around 7/17/19 and ended around 12/07/19. THIS IS RECENT. This happened when my friend was underaged, and Flo knew it. Below I will link multiple screenshots between my friend and Flo. Warning tho, this is graphic and may make you uncomfortable.


Days after my friend turned 18, Flocc started to talk about meeting up and hooking up with him.



Flocculency was called out some months ago where she even attempted to address in a live stream when images of her sexualizing Haunt (underage), asking him for duos over and over, and sending him an image of her ass under the guise of "just showing them how the shorts fit" circulated. Her response was that she made all of these comments as a defense mechanism to Haunt's transphobia, but regardless one should not fight off transphobia by sending inappropriate photos and being sexual. She had stated on the now-deleted live stream that she did this to make him "uncomfortable".
The imgur regarding this incident can be found here: https://twitter.com/OverwatchPD/status/1213495503750647808
After the live stream, Flocculency's repeated behavior towards minors is something that has been called out several times on Twitter when she replies to minors with sexual/inappropriate comments. The comments are now-deleted in most cases, but the responses are still up. https://twitter.com/apricotthot/status/1227921002832760832?s=19

This video was circulated regarding Flocculency as well talking about Aquamarine who was 16 at the time (6 year age gap) where she was saying he is "cute but underage" and "a little tease": https://streamable.com/rfxsal

Disclaimer: All of this background information is not meant to be 100% damning evidence against Flocculency proving that they are a pedophile, it is meant to add context to the situation and provide valid reasons why people have come to this conclusion.

In addition to these, there were several Snapchat conversations that included exchanges of nudes, which is illegal on the Snapchat platform and considered child pornography as per the app's terms of service. All of these interactions are illegal regardless of platform due to the victim residing in a state where the age of consent is 18, there is a 5 year age gap.

This is being brought to the public eye because the behavior is repeated and becoming bolder, she was called out for all of the Haunt stuff and inappropriate conduct before for little to no consequences, resulting in little to no change. She has talked this way with many minors multiple times. This behaviour is sickening.

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