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17th May 2020 from TwitLonger

Here is my side of the story.

Since all the hate I got, It's sad but needed that I answer to this drama and tell you what really happened since someone got mad and got the great idea to talk and invite his community to trashtalk me. I'm not even sure if this someone really knows what happened in this tournament, since he didn't even try to understand the situation.

We had our semi finals at 4pm30, it was planned since Monday by the tournament organizer and me and my team never asked the org to change the time, opponents team were misinformed, and I have nothing to do with that. So they were late, and we had plans in the evening that we couldn't cancel, we waited as long as we could. One of our opponent was streaming, and didn't believe his chat when they told him the semi finals were supposed to be played at 4:30, so I did a tweet where I mention him to confirm the fact we were supposed to play. The rules of the tournament were "if a team is late, after 15 minutes they are forfeit." So at 4pm45, they were supposed to be forfeit but we agreed to wait cause we wanted to play. But we couldn't wait after 5pm15 cause starting the BO3 at 5pm15 would have forced us to cancel our plans if the game would have been played in 3 maps. Then admins asked us if we were ok to start the game with 1 map advantage so we could wait longer. We said yes. We wanted to play. You can ask @jerome (their team manager) since he was on the discord event or go ask the admins of the tournament, I did everything I could to play the game because I wanted to, if I didn't want to, I could have asked a forfeit for enemy team after 15 minutes, but we wanted to play and we waited.

Then, enemy team got ready, if you informed yourself a minimum you know what Dafran said when he learned he was going to play with 1 map disadvantage, all the insults towards me, my team and the org. I couldn't accept that, and neither could the admins. They were supposed to be forfeit since a long time and we were doing everything we could to play and have a nice match. Seeing such a big disrespect from Dafran was unnacepptable, and the admins decided finally to forfeit them for the semi final, not only for the insults obviously, but for the fact that they were 1 hour late.

After having a talk with 3 of their players, I went to the admins and told them it would be cool to move the final originally planned at 4pm later so we could play our semi final at 4pm this Sunday. They accepted, but without Dafran, for obvious reasons.

I've already been trashtalked in my career, as every player, it's part of the game, but this kind of behavior live on stream... Encouraging his community to trashtalk the opponent teams on social media, this is harassment, and this has nothing to do in esport.

Obviously Dafran didn't try to understand the situation, and his side of the story is that we asked for the semi finals to be moved from 18 to 16:30 and that we we are the ones who started insulting on socials and I'm not sure what else he invented, but I'm not interested in a debat or to fuel this drama. This is useless and it shouldn't even happen. Anyway a lot of people listen to him and harass people without even trying to understand the situation. This is a sad world we live in.

Once again, if you don't trust my side of the story, you can ask @Jerome_Coupez, @ScreaM_ , @pythCS or @Mixwell, we tried to do everything we could so we could play the game, and we played it. We could have just asked for a forfeit after 15 minutes, the admins would have called it and none of this drama would have happened. We stayed nice and fair the whole weekend and we have nothing to be ashamed of.

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