FðX_euw · @FoX_euw

15th May 2020 from TwitLonger

Lft post :D

Hello, I'm LFT for summer split of the PG Nationals tournament.
Due to recent evolve of events with @Manguste_eSport , as sad as it may sound, I'm forced to look for another team. The situation is way more complicated to be explained and all that matters to me is that after 2 years of tryharding and winning the qualifier I don't have a team for the pgnationals.

- 20 years old,
-Italian residency,
.Able to communicate in english and shot calling,
-s9 250 lp Master peak,
-Full Champion pool in the support role,
-Coached and combat ready,
-Good mental and friendly,
-ign: FðX ,
-RTs appreciated

Thank you for your attention, stay safe!

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