My late LFT post and a bit of explanation

Well, I was supposed to make LFT post and I am a bit late on that but here it is.

I got the 1000LP and after 30 days of playing 20 games a day in a row I kinda continued the grind instead of taking a small break at least and ran it down to 400LP in a few day, oops. I'm still grinding but I am playing on 3 accounts now and I play 11-14hours instead of 16 but I'll get it back soonish.

I wanted to write a long story about my life, my career and my past teams but I don't feel like I'm ready and maybe it's not the best idea to do that. All I got to say is I have been through some rough shit for the last year, maybe I will open up about this one day, maybe I won't. Either way I'm back. I haven't played to my standards this year, I haven't been able to focus on my gameplay only because of few things but all of this is out of the way and I feel my motivation and individual level is really high right now. Lately I came to many conclusions and one of them was that there were many cases in my past where I was really stubborn, especially when emotions were involved and it hindered my growth and also my relations with people. I think with that realization it's gonna be easier moving forward.

So I am open to any offers, I am confident I would be really fine playing on the highest level but I don't really expect getting any offers with how my last year and a half went. Last year I didn't take any ERL offer because I was hoping the same story would happen as with Vitality and I didn't want to be locked up under contract. I think that was really dumb and entitled way of looking at it. Right now if there is no interest from LEC/LCS teams I will be taking up ERL offer really shortly.

I don't expect insane money or a starting spot to get it out of the way, I don't want people to get the wrong idea. Everything I want right now is a chance to compete at a high level.

I am considering swapping back to top lane and after playing it for a few days just makes me realize that I still have the knowledge and not much has changed but I need to spam games to relearn matchups and mechanics on champions.

So yeah, I want to check if there is any interest in teams of getting me, even as a sub, if not I am gonna be locked up for a team in a few days so I don't have to worry about a place to play and I can only focus on improving and my gameplay. Being teamless for long never made me any good and just made me lose a everyday purpose.

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