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10th May 2020 from TwitLonger

Banned Mid-Tournament

On Thursday, when i was trying to play, i kept getting kicked out of them, not sure what to do at all, when i played on my brothers PC it let me play. So for FNCS Week 1 Day 1 i had to go to someone elses house and use their PC, everything was fine. They let me take the PC home so i could play day 2. This morning, i got kicked out of 1 game on this PC, Then it didnt happen again, then it happened again, but kept happening, went back on my main pc and it worked, then switched back over and it just worked again. So i played FNCS Day 2

I got like 50 or something points game 1, then game 2, in the bus, got kicked out of the game. It said that it was because someone else logged onto my account, confused, i reset my password and logged back in, and it said i was banned. No idea what to do

FNCS Solos has been a event iv wanted since trios, and now that its here i cant play week 1 or 2 unless epic unbans me right now or they auto qual me for week 2.

I stream everyday so obv cant be cheating or using a VPN. Also top 5ed at a LAN.

Only reason i could of gotten banned was for playing on a ALT account in daily duos once, but Tfue did that and looter has won 2 cash cups doing it. Other than that it would of just been a net issue and thought i had a proxy or vpn or something running. Im sorry for the people that wanted to watch me play, i had to end stream.

#FreeKquid loll

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