I just wanted to inform you guys that I will be quitting CS for the foreseeable future, as you guys know we’ve been looking for an org to represent us for a while, and due to the current pandemic, that looks very unlikely. The current CS scene currently just does not have enough orgs for the lower levels of the scene, or even the promise of support at all. As many of you can expect from what I just said, I will be playing Valorant from now on, this decision took some time for me to make, but I hope it holds nothing but the best for the future.

I want to thank all my fans that have supported me, from the start, to now. I’ve been playing CS for a while and hope that you guys will continue to support me in my next steps into Valorant. If you guys have not already, make sure to follow my twitch account where I’ll be streaming plenty of Valorant in the upcoming weeks. Twitch.tv/zellsis

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