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9th May 2020 from TwitLonger

LFT - Leaving G2 Rainbow Six.

If you were never officially announced, you can never officially be dropped right?

As some of you may already know. After having worked with G2 Esports for the last 9 months in an external contractor position, I'll be stopping working with them shortly.

To work within Pro League, with such talented people (both playing and non playing staff), was genuinely a dream come true. I'm really sad to be leaving them, as I did everything I possibly could to try and stay within the broader G2 ecosystem itself, even if not within G2 Rainbow Six.

I'd mainly like to thank Shas & Sua, for bringing me on board and working with me, teaching me so much of what they did. I appreciate that and they know that through previous conversations anyway. Now a team manager is on board, they can work so much more effectively and efficiently, I wish them all the luck in the world. I'd also like to thank the players, at the time of joining I only actually knew one player on the roster I joined, however all players treated me very well and in the right way, respecting what I told them in briefings or whatever else I did. So thank you also to Fabian, Goga, Uuno, Kanto, Pengu, Cryn, SirBoss and very recently both CTZN & Virtue, even if I've had much less involvement with you guys.

My journey to Pro League was probably a bit of an accelerated one, although I feel that I made my time here count. Shas & Sua can both act as references for me alongside Kixstar who originally recruited me for SleepY almost 1 year ago. Omerta (Orgless) can also act as a reference for my time with him at Horus.

I'm not planning on being done with Siege, far from it. I am however restricted by time in that Rainbow Six has been my sole income for the past 5 months and that if I can't sort my future out quickly, I will likely need to get a day job in accounting, the career I left to move into esports.

So I'm LFT. I want to stay within the Rainbow Six ecosystem. I believe I am a fantastic analyst that can add value to any coaching setup. However I also believe that I have the tools and capabilities to be a very good coach and/or manager. With regards to a team set up, I believe that working internally with players to achieve marginal gains (through coaching mentality, trust, communication and a bunch of other soft skills), gives better outputs in terms of performance. I'm open to relocation and even learning another language to work with teams that are non-English speaking. I'm happy to work within all timezones or regions also. My agreement with G2 was as an external contractor and never part of playing/support staff, which means I don't come under any roster lock or poaching restrictions.

In case its relevant to organisations for brand promotion or whatever else, my Twitter impressions currently average around 2m - 2.8m impressions per month. Blog impressions when I was blogging daily averaged up to around 1m impressions per month.

I'm also open to any role within the tournament administration side or even within Ubisoft if they saw some kind of value to me. As a highly qualified accountant/business adviser as that was my previous job before Rainbow Six, I have experience with financial analysis and audit within a Big 4 accountancy firm (PwC), which during my time there exposed me to a number of very large national and international businesses. I'm highly organised, motivated and professional who is adaptable to slot into pretty much any business management role.

Finally, I do have a couple of offers already to review from conversations I have had over the past couple of weeks. I also have one offer from outside of the Rainbow Six ecosystem in Professional Football (Soccer to my American Friends).

Thanks for reading - hopefully in the interim I will spend some more time blogging, as I've neglected that recently, also maybe streaming (if I remember to use Game Capture instead of Display Capture).

TLDR: Leaving G2, looking for team to work with within Tier 1 Rainbow Six in any capacity.

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