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1st May 2020 from TwitLonger

In regards to the video...

First of all, I am withdrawing myself from the casting team for the FNCS Invitational this month. I believe the broadcast should be centered around the gameplay and I believe that my presence will affect the focus.

I am sorry to those of you that I hurt by comments stated 8 months ago where I said I supported views of the confederacy. These comments were made directly following the very politically oriented Rajj Patel show. The Rajj Patel show is a large "Just Chatting" stream on Twitch where Rajj takes different people and scripts the show to get the maximum desired shock factor. When recruited for this show, I was advised to say certain things to trigger others.

I understand that the confederacy has a negative connotation and when I said I supported specific views the views I was directly referring to were of a smaller national government, more power to the citizens, and lower taxes. I in no way support racism or slavery and I apologize if it came off that way.

I understand how hurtful those comments were and how poor my explanation was. After those comments, I quickly realized that politics and political opinions had no place on Twitch and I attempted to remove myself from all of that however things still lingered. Although I have talked about how I no longer support any of this on my stream, the clips were taken out of context and unfortunately there is no vod to prove any of this.

When I started streaming, my main goal was to become an esports commentator and I had the opportunity to do so however I messed that up and I am so very sorry about that. I am currently a Broadcast Journalism major and my main focus is on esports. When I was given this opportunity, I was in shock because it was literally my dream job. Even with the recent events, I still believe it is my dream job.

I am going to be taking a short break from streaming and when I come back I am going to work harder then ever to regain the trust of this community. I am going to not only improve my abilities as a caster but I am going to work hard to improve my gameplay as well.

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