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1st May 2020 from TwitLonger

North71 PUBG Academy - Update and conclusion

A few weeks ago I was watching Telialigaen 3rd division and noticed this one team owning in their group. This was "Arnevikingen", "TheSpectro", "TheStygg", and "p4ulzn". I took contact with them interested in knowing their goals in PUBG and if they would like to develop under the North71 brand. After some talks, we decided that after the last round of Telia they were joining North71 as an academy team.
Yesterday I announced on the North71 twitter that the new N71 academy was official. Just a few minutes after posting I got notified that the players I just assigned were part of a ban on a third party PUBG tournament host. With this knowledge, I decided to revoke their slot in N71 until further, which brings me to this tweet.

So what is this ban? The ban is on the site Challengermode. In the ban description, it says that the three players are banned for reinviting a player into their team after he got banned for cheating in PUBG. This player was "PriestJesus", know from a video posted by famous PUBG content creator "SprEEEzy". He was banned for having insane stats and over 65% headshot ratio in public games. He got banned on his main account and decided to make a new account so he could continue playing PUBG with his friends. The three other players didn't, at this time know how this could affect them later and didn't believe "PriestJesus" was cheating and decided to invite him back into the team with a new nickname which resulted in the ban. It has to be mentioned that this team never played together with "PriestJesus" in fragleague.

Then onto the conclusion.
First of all I want to let everyone know that North71 as a community does not support cheating in any way and will do what we can to prevent more people from cheating. Cheating is a huge problem in PUBG and something that has to be brought to light as often as possible.

From reading chatlogs between the players themself and the cheater I truly believe that "Arnevikingen", "TheSpectro", "TheStygg", and "p4ulzn" did not know about the cheating. That being said they made a huge mistake adding "PriestJesus" into the team again, and is guilty of rule break on Challengermode. By cheating "PriestJesus" destroyed a lot of games for a lot of gamers and I think that he also destroyed the four mentioned players' opportunity to become something more in PUBG. The players did not cheat and have not gained anything from this situation in terms of money or position in any leagues as a result of this.
With that said I believe that "Arnevikingen", "TheStygg", "TheSpectro", and "p4ulzen" deserve a possibility to prove themself as players and as people. We believe in second chances and that is why North71 is reinviting "Arnevikingen", "TheStygg", "TheSpectro", and "p4ulzn" to be part of the North71 academy team.

- Geir "Godwave" Innvær - Owner and founder of North71

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