Short explanation.

I know this came as a suprise to everyone , but the truth is that we have been drifting apart in more ways than one for a while now.I was personally generally unhappy with our progress and stagnation on the same level ever since the start of the last year.
The biggest difference in opinions was about how to approach and more importantly how to solve the problems that we had for a while now.

There is no "bad blood" between us ,it's just towards the end our visions for the future of the team and how to reach the next level didn't align, sometimes that happens and it's perfectly alright.
It sucks in some ways , but it is the best way to move forward.

I also wanna thank 100T for providing everything for us in the past 6 months, truly one of the greatest orgs.

As for my future goes , i don't have anything set at this moment but i m open to discuss all offers.
Feel free to contact me via twitter or email :

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