Soloq and its problems. My evaluation after grinding 1 month in Grandmaster(EUW)

Hey Guys,
Most of you know me as Kanani and for those who don't , im the assistant coach of SK Gaming and after the LEC break started, i decided to climb to highelo again. Currently im sitting in the Grandmasterelo while being able to get access to lobbys that maintain a high range of competetive players and challengers across the board.

As i've started my journey to highelo just a few weeks ago,
i've noticed some points that didn't catch my eye during the past seasons.
Here is a list of problems that should get solved by riot as soon as possible to make soloq practice and overall gameplay more competetive and healhty (once again this counts for master+ only).

Dodge Abusers:
Recently Riot changed the dodge/punishmentsystem so that you could get -3 for dodging either every 2nd game or waiting some hours (while maintining the 5 minute wait penalty) which lead to massive queuetimes as people would just perma leave lobbys as soon as they either have offrolers in their team or not enjoyable matchups to play against. I tried this trick with Bean (currently player for BIG) and we earned 120+ lp on almost one day with 80% winrate over the course of 12 games.

Heres a good question: Does this affect the ladder and its inflation? My anwser: clearly yes!
If you are abusing this technique properly (possible to be maximized by duoq), you can theoretically get yourself a higher chance to frequently draft good matchups in lobbys and dodge the ones you don't like while being able to play a wide range of games with low lp loss on a daily base. This alone could up your winrate just from lobbyperspective by a few percent.

Either up the dodgepenalty by more LP loss or increase the waitingtime to prevent a chain of Issues

Streamsnipers and ghosters:
Obviously some Streamers complained a lot that ghosting ruins their gameexperience by either dodges,ingamestalking on minimap or banning otps/favourite champions in champselect (especially directed to streamers with low delay)
Sadly i cant give any solutions regarding this topic except to advice players to treat their opposition fair by not trying to get any advantages.

The onetricks that accept lobbys after a dodge:
Especially onetricks are suffering from the frequent dodges as if they would accept the next lobby, they would run into potential danger to get their champ banned by the otp-players opposition and be forced to play either an champion they are not comfortable with or forcing another dodge.

My suggestion to otps: refresh the que or wait minimum 5-10 mins to que up for the next game so the lobbyrotations can go through

Blueside,Redside Matchmaking/Elo balancing and Eloinflation:

Bluesidegames in relation to Redside do gain more and lose less LP due to Redsidelobbys overall higher MMR. Looking at the current eloinflation there seems to be also a glitch where 200lpish masterplayers can get matched against 1k+ lobbyplayers (especially in latenight/morning Q's) which can cause either heavy lp loss or massive lp gains. I remember ive had an lobby against Upset Labrov in which i would just get +28 on blueside while usally gaining around +18 or lower on redside. I can understand that this is an algorithm to somewhat balance out the already broken system, but i believe its already too late as the laddernumbers are going exponantially up. Once again players on Redside being afraid of LP loss, could just dodge non favourable matchups to keep their lp's up.
Aside from the gamequality by having 1k Challengers mixed with master (not even Grandmasters) and a higher chance to end up on redside, this could ruin the gameexperience/demotivate players a lot.

Over the past Seasons the requirement for challenger went steadily up
(S8 Summer 300lp, S9 Summer 500 lp, S10 Spring 600 lp) and the only way how to fix and even out the lp gainst is by Riot controlling their numbers especially in early seasons/resets. In terms of ladder and matchmaking i would find it difficult to to balance the elosystem out so you would have to look at season 11.
Another reason why Season 10 is more inflated than usual is because of the introduction of Grandmaster and they probably didnt know how to balance the elos out. Something i've also noticed, if you take a look at EUW top 300 challengerladder playerbase, you can see that the players (in relation to past seasons) display a drastical change to their overall percentage winrates of their accounts which can be potentially upped by the inbalanced matchmaking,dodges ect.

I hope i could give you some insight and make sure to follow me on twitter for more content :)

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