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27th Apr 2020 from TwitLonger

Don’t want to be a pro in a game ran by people who consider me expendable

For some reason instead of informing us directly, Ubisoft decided to communicate a message to us through our now ex org (which ubisoft is aware that we no longer represent) that we have two options to either disband and look for new teams or stick together and be thrown into the new Canadian league with far less prize pool/ salary incentive. Other than the fact that this makes no sense as 4 of us are American with NO canadian residency, this is a huge slap in the face for me as I believe that my team can compete at the highest level and have proved that many times in the last few months. These last 2 weeks have been especially stressful and frustrating as I truly believe that Ubisoft does not care in the slightest about pro players and while I could go into detail and provide objective proof/evidence, I would rather avoid further drama and just retire/take an extended break. For the sake of my many friends currently in pro league I hope that something drastic changes in the way ubisoft is running their esports program. Obviously this isn’t an absolute decision and if a crazy offer comes my way with a team I see potential in, I could see myself returning but as for now will be moving home, training MMA again (fell back in love with that one recently), enjoying some competitive Valorant and seeing where that takes me. Expect some regular streams soon. Thank you to all of the many friends I have made throughout my brief but action packed adventure in r6. I truly wish you guys the best. And lastly thank you from the bottom of my heart to the fans that have supported me and my teammates since we were a meme squad in Challenger League #92dreamin (:

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