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19th Apr 2020 from TwitLonger

Moving on from Apex competitive

So as of Today I'm officially quitting Apex Legends. It's been one hell of a journey in this Scene I've met some great people and also reconnected with old friends throughout my journey.

I'm stepping away from the game due to losing my passion to compete in this game primarily due to the way the game moved forward.

I'd like to first say a big thank you to all my team mates i've competed with in this game, I'm proud to say I played with you all. @blastsgg, @brynnrw, @kangakangaFPS, @Oxbow_ ,@Baker_FPS, @TaxiDLegend.

Next big thank you will go to my Organisation Clique Esports, the org has looked after me throughout the year I've played for them hence why I've been so Loyal to them. @CQ_Spour @CQ_Blubs @CQ_restless @CM_Valgard. Clique without a doubt is the best org I've every had the pleasure of playing for they make you feel like you are part of the family from day 1.

On top of that i'd like to say a thank you to the developers & people working behind the scenes, special mention to @tangentiallogic whos dealt with all the cheater requests I've fired him over the last 6 months and banned them all quickly and the guy really does care about the game! I wish @shahin & @GH057ayame all the best with the future of competitive Apex was a pleasure to meet you in Poland and I hope we cross paths again at some point!

I will no longer be taking clip requests in regards to cheaters please use the Easy Anti Cheat form for future submissions!

All the best to all the players competing in the future of Apex Legends and I'll hope to see some of you over in Valorant!


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