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18th Apr 2020 from TwitLonger

Quit Fortnite, Left Rogue, Pursuing Valorant

Fortnite has given me unprecedented opportunities, and I am so thankful for everything that has come from the game including the friends I've made, the adventures its taken me on,
and of course the financial stability to pursue professional gaming.

However, Epic Games has failed to maintain a truly competitive environment, and it has slowly made me hate the game as time went on. From bugs going unchecked for months on end, to how absurdly broken aim assist is, to the lack of communication to their competitive scene, Fortnite is simply not competitive.

I will not be pursuing competitive Fortnite any longer, and I see a brighter future for me in Valorant. That being said, I am no longer signed to Rogue as a competitive battle royale player, and I will be entering Valorant as a free agent. I'm going to be grinding the game with my head down and earn my way to the top of the scene.

- morg

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