nvK · @nvKing_

15th Apr 2020 from TwitLonger

Now that things are sorta public this is my opinion on Ubi's statement today.

This is in no way anyone’s fault but Ubi’s. Big organizations are the reason this game has so much success and why the e-sports scene has grown so much. They’re chasing the big organizations away and this is the most vague statement to try and clean up the mess they made. We’ve had many talks with orgs and it seems like most of them want nothing to do with rainbow and the way Ubi wants to run things. It’s a bad system followed by terrible communication. I’m sure I can say for many players how much we sacrifice and how much it takes to play a game at a high level. For 5 years day in and day out we’ve made those sacrifices only to have our spot ripped out from under us without the chance to even compete for it.

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