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13th Apr 2020 from TwitLonger


After speaking a bit with el_jack0, it seems as if his intentions of appealing the wrongful ban or even lessening the ban time are not there yet. I would still like to share my side of the story since this could definitely hurt my reputation if I ever come back from this ban.

In response to el_jack0's statement, "eptima has been removed from Rank G and banned from ESEA for impersonating other players on the Rank G Teamspeak and using racial slurs and trolling while the players are in game", I would like to go ahead and say yes I was "impersonating" OCEAN on Saturday night by setting my nickname to his, however I made it clear not only to other people in the channel but also to admins that I was eptima and changed my nickname right after being told to do so. What strikes this as very strange to me (alongside the length of the ban) is that I never said any racial slurs under anyone else's name and I never "trolled" any other users while they were in-game. I've never had permissions to join channels until March 30th, and I never joined a channel since then besides Saturday, so I would definitely want to know how I would be able to "troll" people mid game. According to a friend of el_jack0, "apparently they have logs from well before February of someone connecting, saying racial slurs and other shit and joining channels of people streaming and saying stuff." This is impossible since I did not have perms to join channels until March 30th, when Osodank accidentally gave me perms since I was sitting in the waiting room channel AFK. Shortly after I messaged Osodank on Steam and here are the chat logs: https://gyazo.com/6e9c6eb9037f698180c7039cdf10af4b
el_jack0 also stated that "someone joined as brian2k and was doing it, I have a clip of it. Then when we invited him to the TS when he joined G he connected as brian2k with perms already
but that wasnt concrete enough so I just sat back and collected more info". This also isn't true, as I know for a fact I joined as "OCEAN" and already had perms because Osodank accidentally gave me them on the 30th and never took them away. I'm also yet to hear about this "more info".

I wish the admins come to mind and appeal this ban as the logs and time-frame don't add up, however if it does not get appealed, it is way too long to even consider wanting to get back in to CS. I would have to say unless this gets appealed or something happens, this will be it for me. Unfortunate that my dream and journey of doing something I've always wanted to pursue has come to an end at the cause of something I didn't do. I've always had a love for this game and community. Thanks to everyone for the support, especially today, and a huge thanks to the people over at ESEA for (most likely) ending my career. Catch you guys on VALORANT :D

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