Some drama and very bad news (Team LF)

Summary – my team is not paying me my salary for 3 months already.

Last time I got paid my salary back in early January (for December).

Reasons (according to team) are like this – corona-virus, etc. Well, overall, it is expected, and makes sense, because in China everything was basically frozen (just like in Russia now – quarantine).

But, if it only begins here (in Russia), in China it ends. From 1st march most of business in China returned to work, from 1st April, quarantine was mostly lifted there (mostly no limitations in country). Information from Chinese.

Anyway, It’s not even anything about it. Quarantine is a quarantine, but business is business. Gotta pay what you have to.

Because, my team never disappointed me before (paid salaries and prizemoney always on time), I gave them time (firstly – a month, then another one, now they are asking for another delay).

Although, according to contract, I insisted and added to the contract, that, my salary must be paid no later than 2 weeks after 10th of the next month (so, for January – 10th February, etc).

Otherwise (any reason) – it is violation of a contract (written aswell), and our agreement is finished then.

So, I waited for a month, then another one (quarantine is not a joke). But its April already, they promised me it will be paid on 10th (“100%”) – and again asking for a delay (now salaries will be paid on 30th of the month). Well, I guess, I decided to do something about it (cant accept delays over and over again).

Team is always on a contact with me, but so what?

Everything is complicated by the fact, that, according to contract, all prizemoney (above certain limit, small prize – not affected) are property of my team. So, initially, all the prizemoney are going to my team first, and then to me (my “bonus”, after deducting team percentage from the prizemoney).

I made an ultimatum – if I wont get what I am owed in salary and prizemoney (that my team has received) – I will write about it (why not – maybe it will work, who knows. Worked when I wrote about mTw not paying out prizemoney for Legendary Cup. They paid next day).

Currently, my team owes me salary for 3 months (January > March). And prizemoney: CC Master Cup 2 + WGL Winter 2019 + Dreamhack Anaheim + Huya Super League 1.

Regarding prizemoney – either way take out minimum 35-40% (taxes + team percentage).

I want to say, that, regarding salary, the sum owed by team is not much lower than the tournament prizemoney I am owed. So you get the reason, why I didn’t left the team after first payment delay.

Regarding tournaments – I am very sad that I actually told Dreamhack prizemoney to be sent to team myself (I am an honest person, I abide contract, so I did what I was supposed to). Other tournaments – Chinese ones, there’s not much of a choice (except maybe WGL – but last WGL that I won, took me half of year to receive money, after a lot of hassle. And I didn’t even received it myself, I had to ask for it one of my parents that live in another country to receive it).

This prizemoney (that I wrote above) – certainly have been received by team (it is confirmed by them, and those, who sent it).

Regarding other tournaments – Douyu Cup (2&4) – ~6250$ - haven’t been sent yet. They said that, they only can send it to Chinese bank account (no alternatives). So, I guess, I wont be seeing this money. Though, they wont be sent to my team.

So yeah, something like that. My current state – completely crushed. I have absolutely no motivation, not just to stream – to play.

I had only one motivating factor – team, that was giving me needed support (otherwise, why the hell do I play every day, without weekends or breaks).

All this practice, all tournaments/cups (Chinese, especially) for last few months – all for nothing …

This is all just very damn sad, completely no motivation to play. Because – why? Even if I would be winning all online cups outside of China – this is like nothing. Chinese cups – well, if you don’t happen to have Chinese bank account (not even thinking about how to cash out money from there) – you’re out.

Yeah, I guess, I could find another team (I’m definitely not the worst player in the world), but – what if it will end up the same?

Overall, I’m not going to die, ofcourse. I have funds to support myself, and this is not even the worst thing that happened to me (money-wise). Seen worse. But the fact that it all collapsed in a moment …

Still, looking on it from the other side, it’s a good life lesson (should have left team after first month of delay, I guess, my greed played its role (very sizable salary), so I didn’t). Once upon a time I’ve been in similar situation (money-wise, not esports related). I guess, I didn’t learned my lesson. Hopefully I will remember it now.

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