Overwatch and my future

On the 2nd of April, we got a meeting with the Montreal Rebellion staff and they told us that the academy team will be released due to budget cut with all the situation around COVID-19.
Even if this decision is very frustrating for players and staff of MTL, I would like to thanks all the Montreal Rebellion and Toronto Defiant staff as they have done their best for us.
I will miss all of MTL players, I was really happy that I met all of you and enjoyed every moment shared together. I wish you all the best ♥

Regarding my Overwatch career, I have decided to retire. I've played this game for a very long time, and I felt like this was a good time to move on to something else (even if it's very frustrating to not finish the season :< )
There's so much people that I want to thank that it would be too long to list but thanks to every players I've played with, every staff, every fans that cheered for me and my differents teams and (not) every org (but almost). I've grown a lot both as a player and a person during those ~4 years and met a lot of people I can call today friends, so thank you all for everything.

I don't know yet what I will do. Obviously Valorant is coming out and I will play it for sure. I will stream more consistently (in french only) starting tomorrow with the closed beta and I'll see what the future holds for me.

Sorry for the messy twitlonger, I didn't prepare anything :s

TLDR : MTL got dropped, I'm retiring from Overwatch and stream Valorant (in french) starting tomorrow !

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