Taking a break from Overwatch

I haven't played Overwatch almost since the last World Cup and I think big reasoning why is just I stopped enjoying the game at some point as I used to do and only competition was driving me forward for last times I played. I'm not saying goodbye to Overwatch, I think the game is still awesome and who knows if I would be coming back.

I want to thank first of all developers for making that game and making everything that happened to me possible, those people from Blizzard that were working hard to make players and content creators happy and truly showed the love to their job, from OWL Admins to World Cup team managers and Igromir organizers. Want to to thank all my teammates and coaches that I used to work with, managers and media teams. My fans were my biggest motivation to move forward and keep working. I've met lots of great people and it's really hard to mention everyone. I'm thankful to Overwatch community for all of that and opportunites I've got. Im very happy and proud that I'm part of it.

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