Update Timeout Esports.

As some of you may already know, Timeout will be delegate in the coming weeks. We want to be very transparent with our fans. This decision made by our founders is mainly due to the lack of time we are having.

Funding of our organization has become unstable. Despite having managed to raise funds for our organization in mid-2019, it was not enough to develop Timeout as we would have liked. Despite our meteoric rise this year on CSGO and League of Legends,

There was a huge difficulty for finding partners, which means professionalizing all of our players and staff wasn't possible. In addition, the current professional constraints of our staff were more and more burdensome. We do not wish to continue this project if it is not supported at 200% by our team.

Regarding our players situations, we authorized them to explore other options for the next split. Currently open to all delegation proposals, contact must be taken in DM or by mail: Suppport@timeout-esports.com.

We would like to thank you for this year and a half spent by your side, more and more of you have shown interest in our little clock and you have always responded for supporting our squad. The clock is still ticking and it will continue to help us passing our time !

#GoTo #TimeToLive

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