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31st Mar 2020 from TwitLonger

Wrapping up my amazing time with Atlando Esports. Context and gratitude below.

Hey twitter!

I have decided to wrap my partnership with Atlando up from the end of this split.

I have been with Atlando for more than a year now, and been extremely happy with the organisation and the impact I have been given the opportunity to have on it. When I started, Atlando was a team in the bottom of the danish LCD, struggling to find footing on the danish scene. Today, a little over a year later, Atlando is a well known team both in and out of Denmark, which is amazing to me. Building a long term plan and watching a team grow from a multi opgg to a status in a competitive respect really is a phenomenal experience, knowing the work I have put into it, alongside the organisation and players obviously. I cannot thank Atlando enough for letting me pilot this journey, as I have learned a bunch of lessons for life on the way here, so thank you Atlando - Thank you Matt, thank you Ziphex, thank you Rustam.

To give my situation some perspective here is some reasoning for my decision, to answer a few of the questions that might be coming.
I have decided to take a step back from coaching right now, not because I lack motivation, but because I need a more versatile perspective when coaching, and also for personal reasons - which is not a secret - which is my semester at the university, and other aspects of my productivity which I have temporarily given up to coach, these being videomaking, music production and freestyle football for example to those of you interested. My reason why i highly prioritize these things and also want to encourage players and coaches to prioritize their own personal hobbies, is that these side-hobbies gives you an insane amount of creativity and confidence, which you can very much make use of when playing/coaching. It might sound obscure, but knowing that you can outsmart your lane opponent in a sport, in chess, in a cross word puzzle, or whatever you might be good at, can give you a lot of mental strength. I hope this reaches some of you hard workers out there, who might feel like you are in a hole in your head at this time, stressing when you do not play LoL. This might help you relax and maintain a healthy constructive mind.

Another question I could see coming from sceptics is regarding the recent nordics season that we failed to impress in as a team.
To clarify, this did not really impact my stand on this situation. It very much helped me in understanding the context I was in but I have rarely been overly emotional about results. I have obviously been passionate about the games we played, but my main job as a coach is to strive to keep my team improving, letting results follow, meaning that as long as I see my team improve, I should not let our results knock me out of my mental state of tranquility. You know me as a calm and constructive guy and this is still my core. Before ending the talk about the nordics season, I really want to thank a lot of the players and coaches i reached out to during the time there, these including old Atlando players Fiala and Sjakal, their new coach Torok, Vipers coach Vandetto, Hillerød coach Vand2, NVD and previous Hillerød coach Krog, a lot of people around Atlando and Atlando academy. My friends from other danish teams as well, so many names, you all know what valueable knowledge about the game, coaching and life you shared with me, thank you! I am happy to talk to so many passionate and professional people and surrounding me with so many ambitious personalities really helped me reaching towards my own ambitions!

"But Revo, are you going to retire now then?"
No, my plan is not to retire, my plan is to take an off-period with room to mature and catch up the my surroundings and watch League from a distance in hopes to get a bigger perspective of the game and further develop myself. As mentioned earlier i did not stop because of a lack in motivation, but being a passionate guy i have a lot of motivation to give, also outside of the game, so i will strive to give myself this freedom while training my creative side for my return in the future.

Thank you all for understanding and supporting me. My last gig with Atlando will be the LCD playoffs starting with Hillerød Esport in semis saturday 4th of April, so come by and support if you can. I hope me sharing these thoughts will inspire a lot of people who seek reason, motivation, or ways to cope with burdens. Thank you for reading this and thank you network and Atlando for giving me the life lessons all learned over the last year!

A grateful Revo.

Ps. Just in case this tweet is too positive for all you realists out there - Fuck the haters!

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