My story about Mouffin (TC)

At first, I tried to help Mouffin and Kelsey be a couple. But that quickly changed as his behaviour began to be obsessive. He flirted with other girls, asking for nudes, etc while talking to Kelsey, and that led her to tell me she just wanted to be friends with him. I told him this just before Twitchcon, just to be a good friend, and told him that things will be fine, and even if it doesn’t work out he’ll still have a friend.
Mouffin and a few others were there a day before the partner’s party (the partner’s party was before Twitchcon). He showed me his phone background of Kelsey, and non-stop talked about how he loved her and couldn’t wait to see her. I found this odd since I just told him that she wanted to be friends, and yet he was gushing out things like “I love her, I can’t wait to kiss her,” etc. I kept telling him to just be a good friend to her and see what happens.
A few days past and he goes to the partner’s party and gets drunk. He texts me about how drunk he is and how he’s trying to go to the bathroom, but can’t because there’s a girl there. So he tells me he pees outside, I don’t know why, and at that point, I told him to come home. The Uber drops him off and I could tell he had a lot to drink. He was out with his friends and probably had multiple shots, which was fine, until he got handsy. Mouffin kept trying to get closer to me and another friend I won’t name. He then gripped my right wrist, trying to pull me closer. I was really scared, he was slurring, saying my name incorrectly, and wouldn’t listen to me telling him to let go multiple times. I tried to grip his hand to remove it, but I had no strength because of how stunned and scared I was. He kept pulling me closer towards his face, and there were multiple people around me, but only 2-3 people helped, while others stood and watched. He ended up letting go after the 2-3 people tried to get him off, and goes over to my other friend, gripping her wrist too. He was extremely pushy and aggressive. Finally, someone helped him to sleep and he passed out. I never wanted that to happen; I felt completely terrified and alone because of how few people helped me, despite there being so many around me.
Then Twitchcon happened. Everything was going fine, I guess, and I tried not to let the wrist thing ruin Twitchcon for me, but I want to talk about something I noticed from Mouffin, and how self-absorbed he is in himself. I had forgotten something I made for someone at the air bnb, and I asked him to get it for me, since I had forgotten it. He said he could. I was there at Twitchcon for 5 hours maybe 6, and I messaged where he was and if he can bring my stuff again. He said he had forgotten it and so I asked him if he could get it later and he responded he could in an hour. An hour went by, and he hadn’t, and I said it was okay, just give it to me at the airbnb. Mouffin had not apologized for the night of the partner’s party, and completely disregarded me the whole day I asked something from him.
Once Kelsey arrives, things completely go down hill. He starts showing obsessiveness, never leaving her side, being really close, etc. We were in an uber and he ever tries to pull Kelsey in for a kiss. Side note: She had told him she just wanted to hold hands only if I was holding her hand at the same time, yet he didn’t care what she wanted. He was touchy, and even tried to move me away from Kelsey, so I didn’t “cockblock” him. I told him to just try being her friend, to see how it goes, and he goes and tries to force a kiss. Back to the Uber: I pulled Kelsey towards me, questioning him on what he was doing, but he just brushed it off. I think that’s really weird, and ask him what he’s doing again but he doesn’t act like anything happened, and I drop it.
After Twitchcon, Mouffin goes out drinking again with his friends, but someone messages Mouffin that Kelsey is on someone’s lap, and tells him to come back to the airbnb. He’s super drunk again, and at that point, I was dead tired. So much had happened, and I was so overwhelmed. Kelsey comes into my room and tells me she’s going to go out with friends to stay at their place, and that she wants her own room. I told her to be safe and message me when she’s there.
I went to sleep pretty early, leaving the room unlocked since I had roommates. I wake up to drunk Mouffin in my room. Someone had willingly let him into my room. He’s at the edge of my bed, half of his body on my bed, and he’s upset and talking about if he was good enough for Kelsey, and if he did something wrong. He kept getting closer to my face, completely invading my space and with all that happened the other night when he was drunk, I got extremely scared. I asked him to leave my room, but he kept getting closer. He wasn’t listening and at that point I had to yell, “PLEASE GET OUT OF MY ROOM, I’m trying to SLEEP.” to get someone to get him out. I felt completely unsafe, and I have nightmares of that feeling, seeing that someone let him into my room, and the only excuse for that was because the person was right next to the door and could hear if anything happened.

After that, I didn’t say anything to Mouffin. I kept with Kelsey, told her what happened, and for the next few days, he was distant and weird, but still hung out with us.
The whole time I was with him, he dismissed me and completely disregarded me as a friend. He wanted nothing to do with anyone but his “partnered friends”, and as soon as Kelsey comes he stays with her the whole time, obsessing over her and even buying her stuff. Mouffin took the credit for paying for Kelsey’s ticket, but we had made a deal where I paid him back the full price, which was around $500 USD, so he had nothing to hold against her. Kelsey was having a hard time paying for food and rent, so I helped her a lot with that, and did not mind paying him back.

After Twitchcon, I tried to talk to him about the wrist and him being in my room, but he again brushed it off, saying he was busy getting ready to move into the OWL house. I also messaged him in January asking if we could talk about Twitchcon at some point and how it scared me, and I still haven’t heard a response. I have nightmares of that night, feeling completely vulnerable to a drunk man as people stood and watched. He never thought about anything but himself.

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