Joined forZe

And now I'm officially a member of forZe.
A big thanks to the organization for the opportunity to play under their tag, it is a very important and serious step for me. Team is full of great guys, and im excited to play and and improve with them.
Our roster successfully started the second half of Pro League, beating Team Vitality on Consulate 7:0
This is also very important to me. This is a completely different level. My teammates understand that, and are trying their best to support me. We haven't played together for long, but in this match we played perfectly. The atmosphere and communication in the team is amazing.
p4sh4 conquered my heart with that ace , and Shockwave, Rask, wTg are pure machines, and each of us did everything they needed to do. This might be what i was missing this whole time. Thanks everyone for support, stay tune for next PL matches!

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