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13th Mar 2020 from TwitLonger

From Crown 2 to Crown: The Sickly Child-King - Tournament cancellation

Hey everyone,

Clockwork here. Due to the freezing of the Panda Global Ranking and recent health concerns concerning COVID-19, we are sad to announce that we will no longer be holding Crown 2 on May 9-10 2020, or any other time this year.

For all players who have already registered, we are extremely thankful that you have been willing to follow us into our second year of operation, it means a lot to our team that we were able to hit over 100 entrants two months prior to the event. We will be refunding all players who have already paid for their registration fees over the next two weeks.

While it is possible these issues could potentially resolve themselves in the timeframe leading up to Crown, we are ultimately not confident that we would be able to correctly execute on the event according to our own brand standards with this much uncertainty currently surrounding safe travel and the competitive viability of Smash events. And while it would be possible to also reschedule to a different date, many of our ancillary amenities (venue, VGBootcamp, etc.) require more advance notice than what we currently have to reschedule for a different, COVID-19-free weekend.

We will be coming back even bigger and better next year, so be on the lookout for Crown 2.1 in 2021!

Stay safe and stay on that grind, gamers. 💪

Michael (Clockwork) Clawson
Head TO and Event Coordinator,
LAN King Gaming

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