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6th Mar 2020 from TwitLonger

Leaving Renegades, guess I'm Renegone

It's with a heavy heart that I step down from Renegades, effective immediately.

It is taking me a lot right now to even write this or publically talk about this. But it has to be said. It has to be acknowledged. And lastly, it. has. to. change.

If you know me, then you know that I work a fulltime job and on top of that, everything Renegades and help talent on the side where I can. Initially, I was fine, until I lost myself within this all.

My promise to myself, this year, was to focus on 1 thing and not multiple things at once. It has been physically and mentally demanding to juggle the above and spending time with wife and friends and everything else that I want to do.

But this was only 1 small issue in my world. The main issue that has driven me to this point is: Lack of, inconsistent, backwards looking, outdated leadership (or old school management for anyone in the corporate world).

I can not and will not work for anyone who does not have a vision that I can align to and aspire to work with. Who does not take their people on a journey. You get the picture.

The flow on impact can be felt on all fronts and it causes disruption. When a leader uses scapegoats and doesn't accept faults, yells at his people for not bringing results, lies to players and staff, tries to divide staff against each other, says one thing and does another - the organisation can not grow. When I talk leadership, I mean at the very top.

I am tired. I just want to do great shit. I want to inject some business maturity, processes, strategic planning, proper reporting and analytics, player and staff development, work with great people, make and plan the best content for our fans, etc.

This holiday has helped me reflect, and though this is hard, it is for the better. I want to spread awareness, everything is seen at the top level/face value. The underlying issues is like an iceberg, theres more to it than meets the eye.

To ownership of Renegades, things have not changed. Nothing is fine. Staff filter a lot of bullshit so that players do not bear the brunt of lack of process that is in place. Even then, players are impacted in some shape or form due to negligence of responsibility? To try and save money, but instead lose more? There is a lot of issues and the Staff and Player Engagement survey highlighted ALOT of the issues, yet we fall back to the same issues.

No more. Step down. By doing nothing and assuming that things will blow over will not grow the organisation. I want change. For the betterment of the players, staff and the scene.

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