VISA update

Sadly, we will miss the @FLASHPOINT Global Qualifier in LA due to visa issues. It sucks that an officer's mistake can destroy such an opportunity for a young team. With such a short amount of time, we gave it our all and tried everything that can be done even though the odds were against us. Last few days we barely slept just to try negotiating urgent interviews, refilling documents and stuff, trying to figure out how we can get express delivery for the visas so we catch our flights and etc. Sadly there is nothing we can do even though the lawyers we reached proved that the law shows we were right about chosing the b1/b2 category for a tournament that includes prize money and there was nothing wrong with the documentation at all. So as of now we are officially replaced by HAVU in the tournament, good luck to them! I would like to thank to @FACEIT @FLASHPOINT for the understanding and helping us through the process! We will take few days off to clear our minds, refocus and comeback on the grind again, 'cause what doesn't kill us, makes us stronger!


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