Realm Royale OB23: Deviled Eggs Hotfix

Balance Changes:

Heirloom Rifle - (Epic and Legendary)
ADS fire rate adjusted - 0.4 > 0.7

Frost Axe disabled in the LTE Special Weapons Loot Table

Grounding Shock - remove the heal on Legendary and removed the wording that stated that it brings players back to the ground.

Arbalest - Ammo: 8 - 5
Ammo post reload time - 0.4 > 0.6
Fire hit post delat - 06 > 0.8
Reduced non-ADS accuracy to 90%
Reduced the Travel speed of the weapon shot
Reduced Headshot DMG from 50% > 25%
Reduced Damage (Legendary) from 800 > 750

Crossbow - Post fire 0.6 > 0.4

Bolt Staff
DMG Change(Leg) - 310 > 250
DMG Change (Epic) - 290 > 210


Bug Fixes:

*Gyro issues - Gyro settings will now load correctly when starting the game rather than just when the settings are saved in the menu

*Fixed an issue involving loading issues causing an Invisible chicken and default skin loading

*Fixed an effect change for Grounding Shock (no longer healing at legendary)

*Fixed an issue with the Frost Legendary Axe - This should not longer show up when forging

*Fixed an issue with the Epic Arbalest - Should have 5 ammo instead of 8

*Fixed an issue with the Proximity Bomb - Throwing the proximity bomb near someone will no longer count as a hit before the bomb explodes. Hitting someone directly with the proximity bomb may still count as a hit immediately, then explode again.


Upcoming Fixes:

***These issues still need to be addressed and are being worked on***

New Lobby Scene - A new lobby scene is in progress and being created

Trapper talent - Still working on getting the trapper talent to work properly as intended (players are being rooted more than once)

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