I am excited to announce that @Naowhxd will be rejoining @Method guild as a tank

I am excited to announce that Naowh, a member of the championship-winning Method MDI EU roster, has decided to rejoin the Method guild as a tank.

The first question on most people's minds is now probably “Doesn’t that mean Method has 3 tanks for 2 raid spots?” Yes that is correct, come Shadowlands, either myself and/or Justwait is likely to take a step back and support the guild from outside the raid during the next RWF. We are still working through the details on that front.

With loss comes reflection and learning. Within days of the Ny'alotha RWF ending, the guild and officer team have had extensive meetings to learn from this tier, improve for next, and build up the guild for future success. There are several initiatives that are being worked on right now, some of these will be publicly visible, such as roster changes/additions like this one (Method is recruiting right now - http://method.gg/guild-apply), and many more are being worked on behind the scenes.

Rest assured that Method is 100% committed to doing whatever it takes to reclaim the World First throne. #methodway


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