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12th Feb 2020 from TwitLonger

My experience with Chris-Chan.

Sometime around September or October of 2019, I first followed Christine, AKA Chris-Chan.
I had watched several videos that I happened to stumble across, and the hate I saw being
directed at her really upset me, and I wanted to reach out to her. My goal was to offer
her friendship, and be a positive influence in her life. I wanted to show her that there
are people who exist that don't want to manipulate her like so many do. It seemed to me
that she was very unhappy with her life, that she was frustrated, and that she felt alone
despite the attention she clearly wants from both trolls and "white knights" like me.

She was one of the first people to follow me. I let her know that my goal was simply to
become friends, and be a positive influence on her life. And so I interacted with trolls
and those concerned about Christine, trying to find reason in what I saw was unreasonable
interaction with Christine. During this time, Christine thanked me several times for my
input. I learned about the others who also interacted with Christine, and who expressed
the desire to protect, assist, and interact with her.

I watched as Jacob, a horrible influence on her, was torn down and removed from her life.
And I was very happy, and also sad that he was such an evil person. I truly hope he sees
what he really is, and changes for the better. Anyways, a Discord server was made where
people interested in Christine could mingle and supposedly interact with Christine. I
still wonder if it wasn't a way to attract people in order to dox them, but I have no
proof this was the case.

The last time I logged unto the Discord, people were removing posts from the various
channels, as several people asked why it was happening. The next day, the server was
gone from my Discord list. I learned others like me in "trusted" on the Discord were
removed as well. IDK if it still exists, or if people were removed en mass.

I asked the various admins on Twitter what happened, but I was given the silent treatment.
When I reached a dead end, I simply dropped the subject, as I have no desire to try and
force others to answer me. So time passed, and I realized Christine was on Twitter less
than she was when I first followed her. She told me that she had things handled, so I
simply offered to help her in any way I could like I always did and do. Everything seemed
fine, no drama that I could see. I was following the Corona virus news very closely, getting
info from various sources. Just recently China admitted they were fudging numbers, no real
suprise there. I tweeted some info I read, and saw from various videos from China, and asked
people to be aware and take care so they don't get sick.

Minutes later, Christine liked a trolls hateful comment against me, and unfollowed me. I
gave her time to think things over, and I asked her once most everyday to please tell me
why she would do such a hateful thing. I got no answer back. When I saw her tweet something
saying that love conquers hate, I asked her once more publicly to speak with me. That I
forgave her for being cruel, for being a coward and using the words of another to attack me
with instead of her own. I got no response the next day.

After watching her latest video, I realized: all the things she says about love defeating
hate was all lies. I thought I saw a good person under the ugliness, a light I truly wanted
to feed and grow. But its an illusion. We are what we do, not what we say. And it is clear
she is consumed with angst, and that she truly is mentally unwell. I was shocked she had
degraded to such a degree, and I realized that even if she let me into her life to try and
support her, that she was too far gone for the likes of me to be of help.

And I realized finally that I had no desire to be a friend to someone who is two-faced. She
says kind things on Twitter, but they are just words: there is no truth behind them. It is
just a tool she uses to fool others into thinking she is a positive, kind and forgiving sort.
She is not. I'm getting over it all now: I truly am able to recover from this whole ordeal
knowing what I know about her now. She still has all the flaws she has always had. She still
blames it all on her autism. And she knows it.

In her video, she spoke to her "alt" self, in another dimension, about how alt-Chris's life
was full of negativity and waste. Instead of owning it, she attributes it to another alt
Chris from elsewhere. She ran away from herself, and it really disturbed me to tears seeing
it all play out.

The wide eyes, the thousand yard stare. I fear she has a condition that is
unrelated to autism, that causes her to slowly become more and more childlike in a way.
As we age and grow old, there is a saying we enter the world as a baby or child, and we
leave the world as as baby/child. I was in a nursing facility, waiting for an opening in
their burn ward on the floor where they took care of the elderly. One old man asked the
nurse every night to sleep with him. As I observed him, I realized he was behaving like
a child in general.

The screeching loud voice sounds to her like a child talking, and a woman at other times. I am
going to watch the video again, there was so much to observe that I was overloaded. I am afraid
for her. And nobody tries to help her that is close to her, and I know why: she would simply
block them out of her life the moment someone tried to tell her to get help, and that she
isn't aware of the fact she is slipping into madness. So I don't blame them. People are usually
very, very quiet for fear of offending her. I wasn't fully aware I was walking a minefield
speaking with her until she simply threw me out of her social media.

The act of using someone else's to attack me, is cowardly. Muting/ignoring me, but not
altogether blocking me, is cowardly. Christine Weston Chandler is a coward, and not
courageous. She threw my goodwill into my face because I was concerned about people,
because I said the virus wasn't "just the flu". And it isn't. You don't lockdown millions
of people, and cost your nation half a trillion dollars in a week over the flu. Thats
what hurts the most. What angers me the most.

That she would rather me not slight her unknowingly by saying it wasn't a simple flu,
that she would rather me not help others and express concern if it means disturbing
her in the bubble, the hugbox she has made to separate herself from reality.

Christine Weston Chandler isn't pure of heart: its a lie. The angst, ego, and total
disregard for the feelings of others, her total inability to even understand the
feelings of others... the undeserved hate that I didn't deserve. It all screams that
I speak the truth.

I now know why she was attracted to Jacob Sockness. She is just him, except she tries
to hide it. At least Jacob was open with what he was. I now truly understand what she
and Jacob both meant, when they both said they were the only ones who truly understood
each other.

And finally, now I know why everyone who truly cared about her and tried to help her
cut ties with her: because she rejected them despite all they did for her. It is why,
in my opinion, truly watching her and never interfering as is the next best thing.
And the next best thing, is to simply block her and wait for the news that something

To everyone I said was wrong about her: I deeply apologize, I was gravely mistaken.
However, I stand by that speaking about her mother dying and other terrible things
cross a line. But I don't even think she cares much for anyone, including her own
mother. I've never seen her stand up for her own mother once her entire life. Ever.

This Twitter account will be inactive. My tweets will remain, my interactions with
Christine and others will remain. It will stand as a testament to how I showed
kindness to a stranger. And how they acted like they cared. It will show that
people are just assets to her, and its all about what they can do for her rather
than forming a real relationship with them. She WANTS the drama, and even
encourages bad behavior between others for her own sick entertainment. She's no
better than the a-logs, the worst of the worst.

I still want to help her. I still want her to show me a shred of humanity, but
I've not seen it, despite my persistence. To her friends, I am sorry if you
are reading this, and I thank those of you who were kind to me, and who even
liked the posts that Christine rejected me over. It is good to know that there
are those who understand I was looking out for others. You truly mean something
to me, I will never forget the kindness you've shown.

Christine. Please. Get mental help before its too late.

Then it all crashes down
And you break your crown
And you point your finger
But there's no one around
Just want one thing
Just to play the king
But the castle's crumbled
And you're left with just a name
Where's your crown King Nothing?

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