Arlo · @Arlo_Slav

12th Feb 2020 from TwitLonger

Parting ways with Homeless

As a lot of you have now probably seen the new org announcement, I have also been getting messages as to why I am not included in this announcement.

The team and I have come to a mutual agreement in the best interest of both parties. Given my situation having to work 12 hour days most days of the week and them being 5:30 starts and living in NZ makes it hard for me to dedicate the amount of time I need and want to into the game, resulting in missed out scrims and shorter scrim nights. This was holding the team back and that wasn't fair to them on my part.

With that said, I am no longer on the Homeless roster. I had given my 2 weeks notice into my current workplace and those 2 weeks are up on Saturday the 15th Feb, I am open to any offers that there may be.

Good luck to the boys, I couldn't have had a better bunch to make PL with and I am happy to call them some of my best mates. Good luck to them in the second half of PL.

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