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8th Feb 2020 from TwitLonger Urgent Appeal For Intervention: Protect Journalist Suzie Dawson

Hi all -

Time seems to be running out for me here in Moscow and I need to urgently appeal for your help to keep myself and my children safe from those who persecuted us in our home country - who are the same agencies that have been persecuting Julian Assange, WikiLeaks, Kim Dotcom and others.

My situation is very tenuous and only a thin thread hangs between myself and detention/expulsion from the country, until various legal aspects of my case can be resolved.

I need urgent intervention from international bodies and rights groups, and as much public awareness as possible and am appealing to you for your assistance and support in gaining this.

A new campaign has been launched, called the Protect Suzie campaign and a website has been published at containing:

1. A short 3-minute explainer video about my situation:
2. Comprehensive and thoroughly sourced graphical timelines about a) my activism and journalism activities spanning 2011-present ( b) the incidents of targeting I have experienced ( c) my connections to known targets and targeted organisations ( and d) the evolution of related security legislation empowering the state to target citizens in my home country (
3. Notarised statements confirming that I am at imminent risk of political persecution, submitted by Christine Assange (Julian's mother -, John Kiriakou (CIA torture whistleblower - and Kim Dotcom (currently facing extradition to the USA -
4. Eye-witness testimony from those who worked alongside me in my home country and also experienced political targeting - including this important message titled "Suzie Was Driven Out Of The Country":
5. A database of extensive background information with upwards of 50 links to mainstream media reporting on my situation and surrounding events
6. An Open Letter, signed by 500+ people so far, which we hope to get into the thousands, calling on international bodies and NGO's to act to protect myself and my children - please sign and share it here:
7. People can also donate to support us at

The first priority for our campaign right now is to get as many signatories as possible on the Open Letter, in support of ongoing legal/diplomatic efforts on my behalf. If you are willing to interview myself or one of my campaign spokespeople about this case, or to cover it, I would greatly appreciate you contacting me as soon as possible to arrange this.

I had delayed promoting this campaign for as long as possible, as I did not want to divert attention in any way from Julian's upcoming hearings, however recent events have made it very clear to me that I cannot afford any further delays in building support or awareness about my situation. Those close to Julian have counselled me that my situation doesn't detract from Julian's at all, but is in fact yet another clear example of the very real and present danger faced by dissident journalists worldwide. Thus I make this appeal to you and hope that you are willing to use your voices and platforms in support of us at this difficult time.

Recently, I appeared with ex-Newsweek journalist Tareq Haddad in his new podcast 'Conversations'. We spoke in-depth about my current situation, my activism and journalism, my impressions of and my relationship with Julian, who regularly promoted my work for years and indeed became a personal mentor to me in the months leading-up to his silencing in 2018. You can watch the interview here:

Yesterday Sean O'Brien, a lecturer from Yale Law School wrote about 5 urgent cases threatening press freedom worldwide, and selected both Julian's situation in the UK as well as my own situation re New Zealand. Please read and share that link here: "5 Countries Attacking The Press"

It's very heartening to see this example of academic press publishing on my situation. With your help to build awareness, generate reporting on, coverage and amplification of my Open Letter and the ProtectSuzie campaign, we just might be able to turn the tides and save me, so that I can continue to do the important advocacy journalism, movement building and activism that is my calling in life.

Thank you so much for your attention



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