Open To Team Offers - RT's Appreciated

The team and I have come to a mutual decision that it might be better if I step down from FACT Gaming due to certain reasons that I will keep between them and me for now.

This is not 100% decided yet, but I have decided I will be looking for possible other options as I want to continue playing in a team and continue taking part in competitions.

Some info about me:
- 21 years old, turning 22 on April 23rd;
- Dutch (also a Dutch citizen);
- Fluent in both Dutch and English;
- Been playing the game competitively for a solid 2 years now;
- LAN-able, able to go to bootcamps, etc;
- Very social guy, can generally get around very well with pretty much anyone;
- Most comfortable on a (Hard) Support/Flex role (no I am not able to IGL);
- Although I personally think scrim experience can't really be a deciding factor, I have a ton of hours with T2/T3 scrim experience (CL teams, National teams and just general T3 level teams). Some (ex) PL teams here and there, but that's honestly only been 2 or 3 times;
- Made it to Benelux LAN Season 3 & 4 (Season 3 with Flash Point and Season 4 with FACT Gaming). Where we ended up 4th and 3rd place respectively;
- Available 7 days a week, weekdays from 19:00 CET and onwards, weekends all day;
- Previous teams worth mentioning: Flash Point Esports and FACT Gaming (current);


I'm looking for a team that is qualified or is able to qualify for a National League or possibly better. I wouldn't prefer start-up projects but rather a solid 4-man that is looking for a 5th to finish their lineup. I prefer a team that spends a lot of time in the game, as I am super dedicated myself and do not prefer to only scrim once or twice a week. I would also prefer a team that already is part of an organisation as I do prefer being under a contract and having something to fall back on.

If there's any questions as I might have forgotten to mention something, don't hesitate to shoot me a DM, I often answer almost instantly. You can either contact me here on Twitter or message me on Discord if that's what you prefer (Xoogle#4744).

Retweets will be very much appreciated, I would love to keep playing this game at the level I currently am and even higher ofcourse.

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