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StarCraft Academy

Are you ready for some news? Here we go!

After trying a bunch of different ideas with our academy - White Night, we concluded that to be able to grow as a team, we would need bigger investments in the country that is the birthplace of esports, and produced one of the best players in the history of StarCraft.

So, it's with great pleasure that we announce that Black Night will have an academy focused on training south korean players. The goal is to create and refine talents that exist in South Korea, and guide them to the professionalization in esports.

Koreans that want to join just need to contact our White Night page on Facebook and you'll be guided throughout the process. To join our academy you must be 21 or less, have the south korean nationality or be residing in South Korea. Players of all skill levels are accepted.

We would like to thank especially to TITANEX1 for supporting our project, the union between Brazil and Korea is just starting! #GoBlackNight

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