Desertuk · @desert_uk

28th Jan 2020 from TwitLonger

What next

After all shit in semifinal with crashes, we took not bad places with the most unlucky zones for us and a bunch of shit in our heads, but since even random against us, we must learn to take top 1 from any situation. Idk how we will do it, but apparently the only way we can succeed, although this was the main goal for us.
The only problem for us is the fact that the cron will not be able to play the next tournament and we will again have to look for another player.
I was thinking about breaking up with Stany and just trying myself in other teams, but now I understand that it’s convenient for me to play with him and we understand each other well, maybe we have some differences, but we don’t really pay attention to them and that’s cool.
I’m always talking about the chance to show ourselves and while we miss it, we still remain nobody (on russian language - NIKTO) . But I will believe that our time will come and when the door appears before us, we will not just open it, we will blow it up and never stop again.

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