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24th Jan 2020 from TwitLonger

My future as F/A. RTs appreciated

First things first I can´t stress enough how great the organisation was and still is. They took care of us and helped us day in and day out with all the issues we had behind the scenes. Sometimes I felt like we didn´t deserve the patience and trust they gave us, but anyways i can only speak highly positive about all of them. and as some of you may already know, our contracts with @Divizoneu expired this month. Therefore I am open and most importantly allowed to listen to new offers from other Teams. Although I am listening to every offer, the core roster is considering to pick up 2 new players for the upcoming german national league season. My Dm´s are open feel free to ask my everything you want and need to.

about me:
- too many Seasons of CL and other stuff
- played in germany and italy
- basically scrimmed T1 and T2 my entire R6 life
- fluent in english, german and italian
- available 7 days a week
- capable to play every role you ask me to

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