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18th Jan 2020 from TwitLonger

About the FL1T situation

There’re many rummors about our player Evegniy “FL1T” Lebedev right now. We want to clarify the situation, so all the “experts” and “insiders” couldn’t think of new “facts” without any truth behind it. When NaVi management came to us with the idea of FL1T’s transfer we cofirmed them, that we were not interested in selling the player. So the only option was buy out. Of course we took our time to speak with FL1T and it was clear for all of us - he decided to stay with us, to stay in forZe eSports. So that’s the whole story, guys.
There were no offers made and no amount named. There was no pressure from us to FL1T or NaVi management.
We are asking to stop any speculation and conjecture. The case is closed, glhf

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