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15th Jan 2020 from TwitLonger

My thoughts about the Dreamhack Anaheim situation

I found out today about the Dreamhack situation with Endpoint and that they want to send there contracted team to the event instead of the people who won the event for them and i understand that of course they would want to do that from a business point of view (selfish pov) but from my point of view we literally attended esl uk finals as a mix because 2 players could no longer attend, they failed to contract Thomas in time and he decided to play with Pheonix who was in mdl which this resulted in him not being eligible to play the finals with us also the same for Robiin who attended an event in america with singularity which also banned him from attending the event with us.

Heres the proof https://pbs.twimg.com/media/EOWGdeHW4AMP1sx?format=jpg&name=4096x4096

We didn't have to go to the event under endpoint at all we could of called ourselves anything i personally told the guys at the time it doesn't really matter lets just help them out and represent them for this event we don't lose anything from doing this (lol) i mean none of us were even contracted to endpoint for this event and it was all paid for by esluk so how on earth do endpoint think that the spot is theirs.

also we already had the lineup confirmed for the event sadly Tudson was unable to attend the event with us but we still had the rest of us who wanted to go and we even had it confirmed by an admin https://imgur.com/FRjYLSk. myself and Sayf both pushed to get Robiin to go as Tudsons replacement and yeah i've known max for about 5 or more years and hes been one of my good friends since it's just sad to see how people you consider friends don't have your back at all when if it was the other way around i would let the people who actually qualified go to the event instead of trying to steal it off them even when the org is clearly lying as to why we cant go, the first thing endpoint said was because Dreamhack don't want a mix going to the event which is a total lie as you can clearly qualify to the event using open qualifiers without needing an org and as a mix so why would Dreamhack have a problem with that, if a random group of guys qualified through the open Qual and won it would Dreamhack go to them we don't want you to attend this event you qualified for lmao... they also told me that i'm not allowed to represent fierce at the event and i have to wear an endpoint t-shirt i never saw any admins logs about this and after today i'm gonna assume this was another lie.

But yeah anyways its been total lies from endpoints side and a lot of greed, goes to show that people in this scene dont care about you at all and i represented this org for a very long time, i played seasons of esl to help them out when i wasnt even part of the org and i always put my heart into each and every game i played under them wether i got paid or not.

some people keep saying that it's a difficult decision to make for endpoint but why is it even endpoints decision that makes no sense at all to me because as i see it it's not endpoints spot at all we just happened to use endpoints name for esluk, others have said its better to send pheonix than a mix that may or may not be true but even if it is true it's not there spot either, only 1 player in there team actually qualified to this event where as we have 3 players that still can and want to go so hopefully we can get this resolved by Dreamhack within the next few days.

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