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12th Jan 2020 from TwitLonger

My Team & Polar Ace.

My teammates, snav, shane and dare have had a history in the ESEA community of being toxic trolls. I'm not oblivious to the reputation they have and when I knew I was going to be playing on a team with them, I was extremely concerned. Anybody that has played with me before knows I take this game very seriously and don't put up with toxicity. I've had horrible experiences in past teams of having toxic teammates. I try my best to be a positive member of the community, and I don't condone anything my teammates have said or done in the past, but I believe in moving on.

I decided to give them a chance, and they proved me wrong. They proved to be good teammates that took the game seriously and actually wanted to improve, and they listened and respected me as an IGL. They have only gotten better as individuals and teammates in the season since I joined, and I'm confident in having them as long term teammates.

Since I joined this team, they've allowed me the respect to be a serious leader, in and out of the game. I've made it clear to them that if they ever wanted to be taken seriously in this game, they have to take the game seriously, and they have to act like professionals. Among other things, this means no toxicity. They have improved their attitudes massively in this time, but still have things to work on. They are young and immature, and lack life experience and understanding of the severity of the things they say. I have been and always will be doing my best to help them learn and grow as people.

I saw joining Polar Ace as a fresh start for everybody on this team, as a way to leave the past behind and move forward as positive members of the community. I understand that many won't be able to forgive the past, and will cling to the memories of their bad experiences with players. These players are not the people you think they are, they are not defined by their past behavior, and trust that I'm leading this team in a positive direction. It takes time to repair reputations, and I understand that. As long as I am leading this team under Polar Ace, anything my teammates say and do is my responsibility, and reflects directly on me. I promise that nothing like this will happen ever again, and I hope you can all forgive the past and open your minds to how this team and its players will be in the future.

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