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8th Jan 2020 from TwitLonger


If you don’t wanna read through it and just get to the point then skip to the end.

I’d like to start by thanking all 1.1k (almost 1.2k) for the support, sticking with me and having my back. My journey started four years ago just playing this game for fun. I never knew it would turn into such a passion. Here i am over 7k hours in the game.

First of all, I’d like to thank @jwiismontRL for carrying me back on ps4 and once again on pc. Its been a good ride, see you around❤️

@GenocopRL probably one of my bestfriends I’ve met through rocket league and one i certainly don’t want to lose contact with. Thanks for always being there for me brother, lets stay in touch🤠❤️

@ExplosiveGyro we were friends way back on ps4 and kinda lost track of our friendship and didn’t really keep it on pc but to see you become an RLCS player was a big motivating factor for a lot of players. Keep it up and win worlds next time!

I had amazing moments with this community, i will never forget my appearance in @RLEsports Rival Series season 4. So much support from all of you and it was my highlight. I wish i could’ve made it again but i can’t keep going. I’ve found a special girl, I’ve started a new job, my dog has gotten very sick and i don’t even think of Rocket League anymore. I will be however playing the spring CRL season to stay somewhat in touch with the community.

Once again, i want to thank you all for the amazing memories built throughout my years.

On this note I’m officially announcing my retirement from competitive. For the haters, i will keep flexing my undeserved RLRS blue tag on you just to piss you off😗😉

~ Kai99jr

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