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4th Jan 2020 from TwitLonger

My kick from BDS

As you've seen, I've been kicked out of BDS.

The reason is not performance or bad blood between me and anyone in the team. I've been said it was because of "bad cohesion". I am a teamplayer and someone positive who would never go into fights or drama with members of the team. I don't believe I created a bad cohesion, it's more that most of the team want their friend in and that could lead to a better cohesion for them. Which, I can somehow understand the thought.

Last year I was sad, this time I feel reIieved to be out of a roster with such negative minds. I tend to avoid those normally, but in esport you're forced to live/work with them sometimes. I still feel disgusted because i can't play the Six Invitational and the pro league for which I qualified another player for. Again. It's discouraging. I need to play those to achieve my dream, but it always fade out when I complete all the steps. For the memes and jokes, know that in the interview I said "I hope I won't get benched" on purpose. I knew there was something going on before the qualifiers, but it didn't stop me to give my best throughout the week of qualifier. I'll embrace the jokes with a smile !

I am happy of my performance throughout this year and with BDS. After PENTA, I was criticized about my stats. I showed that stats or in game wise, I am still worth it. Which show that stats can be interesting, but not totaly reliable, since it doesn't tell the hard roles or spots a player have to play. I didnt loose my other key strenghts. I am still good at mid round calling and playing for others.

I am not authorized to join another PL team (since I played relegations apparently), which means I'll be waiting for the next transfer window (at the half season in february). I can frag, I can give adaptation calls, play for the team, sacrifice myself, I have unstoppable passion/energy and I have experience of the competitive scene since the first pro league, back in January 2016. Also, I can qualify your team to the six invitational with success if you bench me afterwards, totally worth it !

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