Free Agent - Open to all offers / Leaving BIGCLANgg

Well well well, guess you guys didn't see this coming;) As already announced by BIG me and them will be parting ways, this also means they will be terminating my contract with immediate effect! I really have no regrets with my stay in the lineup as I know the amount of hard hours we put in together. Sadly it really didn't show with the results we managed to provide but we really grinded with this team and I'm really thankful for them giving me the opportunity to rejoin them specially after the way it ended last time.

I've got so much love for them all, even all the people running the organization from behind it was everything they promised and way smoother than before! I wish them NOTHING but success and I'm really confident with this new roster they will really be able to deliver some juicy results for you guys. And probably even make the major again so watch out for the new BIG stickers coming in 2020.

Lastly to all the fans who wanted nothing but the best for us, again thank you it really means alot to recieve positive comments even after constant losses as a team haha.
And to the trolls, love you too! You keep the money coming in by just watching<3

I don't want to make this long or sloppy, so to conclude I am now a contractless 'Free Agent'!
Open to all offers, but my main goal is to play in NA.
If anybody is interested then feel free to DM me or email me with your inquiries. Huge thank you to the owners; Yilmaz and Daniel for releasing me this time round.

Thank you again. Oh and just a little special note for the germans following me;
Danke und gute Nacht Leute, ich werde den ganzen deutschen Support vermissen und hoffe einige werden mich weiter unterstützen auf meinem weiteren Weg. Danke für die tollen Erinnerungen!

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