The End of Team Gigantti

Team Gigantti will not be continuing with the Overwatch team going into the Contenders 2020 Season.

This might come as a surprise to many people, but given the state of finances in Tier 2, the near 6 month gap between the seasons and the low viewership, its shouldn’t be too shocking. The only way an EU Contenders team makes any return is by selling players to NA Academy teams or OWL. Unfortunately after we won Season 3 2018, a lot of lies were spread about both the players and coaches having huge buyouts which prompted many teams to not enquire and offer trials to a single player on the team. I was only made aware of this fact the following season when a team enquired about me and were surprised when I said no, I didn’t have a huge buyout or even a contract for that matter. These lies were spread to the point when even casters were quoting them and not a single person reached out to me or the org to try to verify anything.
I realise this may come across as “salty” but these things really do affect the players, coaches and org.

With that out of the way, I cannot express how much I have learnt from this team, whether that's the coaches or the players. I know that some of our results were a bit subpar (missing out on Atlantic Showdown and Gauntlet) and I apologise to all our fans who hoped to see us at LANs, but that does not take anything away from the stellar quality of each player on the team.

Davin and Lil B, are 2 of the smartest players I have ever had on a team. I’m glad Lilbow transitioned to coaching, he is going to excel at it. And I hope Davin comes back from his break stronger than ever to make it into OWL (finally).
Zuppeh and Zappis, you guys are just insane, show up to scrims early every day, play the game without ever having a bad day and bring such positivity to the team.
Viz and Leaf, there’s nothing I can say which hasn’t been said, everyone knows you guys belong in OWL. Hope a team can see the sheer skill ceiling you have and can utilise it to win.
And ofcourse the Milkyman, so unbelievably clutch, saving fights, maps and sometimes whole series for us, hope you get a full staff infrastructure to realise your true potential.
I know you all deserve a lot better than what EU Contenders can offer and I hope you get it.

The coaches I have worked with over the 3 seasons, Cwoosh, Tonic, Flubby and vowels each taught me different things which I hope to use moving forward in my coaching career. Thank you all of that.

I’d also like to thank the organisation itself and the couple people keeping things running smoothly behind the scenes for even giving me the opportunity to join and win with you guys. And lastly, thank you to all the fans and friends who supported me through everything, love you all. It’s been a great year.

I will consider making a seperate LFT post a bit later, but I am a Free Agent as of this tweet.

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