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18th Dec 2019 from TwitLonger

EU Masters Seeding Updates - 2020

Hey all, since there has been some speculation about EU Masters seeding in 2020 I wanted to clear things up and share what those changes are. After four splits and two years, we felt it was time to introduce a system that takes regional strength and historical performance into account.

Going into 2020 we have redistributed the regional seed allocation as follows:
Rank #1 - 2: Two seeds in Groups & 1 seed in Play-in
Rank #3 - 4: Two seeds in Groups
Rank #5 - 8: One seed in Groups & one seed in Play-in
Rank #9 - 13: Two seeds in Play-in

Regions are ranked using a coefficient based on performance across the past four EU Masters events. The current ranking is as follows:
Rank #1 - 2: DACH & Spain
Rank #3 - 4: France & UK
Rank #5 - 8: Poland, Nordics, Balkans, Italy
Rank #9 - 13: Greece, Portugal, Czech/Slovakia, Benelux & Baltics

As you might notice, there are more seeds than in the past, which means… yes, format changes! I won’t spoil those today, so please stay tuned in the New Year when we will be sharing all the bigger updates.

Hopefully this clears things up a bit, if not then feel free to tweet me and I’ll answer what I can!

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