Neon · @neon_euw

13th Dec 2019 from TwitLonger

Actions and consequences

First of all I'm really sorry to all fans and Misfits, as you might already know I got a competitive ruling. Soloq toxicity has always been something I struggled with and was one of the things I tried to work on in offseason. On multiple occasions, I got lost in the heat of the moment and called people things I never should. It's as if I forgot that I was playing and interacting with people, rather than just champions and names. Sorry to all those affected.

However I do not consider myself as a toxic person or teammate and those who've met me can vouch for that. And I want to clarify, that this toxicity only remained in soloQ, and I was not toxic to any teammates on my current or previous team.

Honestly I never really realized what I was doing and I will have to pay the consequences. This whole turn of events leaves a huge questionmark over my future with league. I will use the upcoming months to rethink my approach to online gaming. I am still very motivated to compete and I will do what I can to "better" myself.

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