KH3 Character Files Preview - Xigbar's Story Translation

This is a story from long, long ago.
The people of the world lived in peace, bathed in the warmth of light. But eventually, a struggle broke out over the light, and as a result, everything was returned to nothing. However—

If you're asking how long ago this happened, it's a story from so long ago no one knows. Thinking about it right at this moment, it's probably a story from long, long ago. You're looking at me like you have no idea what I'm talking about, aren't you? Right, you don't have to understand right now. I wouldn't mind if you did understand, though.

You understand that judging a book by its cover is the height of stupidity, don't you? Maybe, it's possible that the way the Box looks is the same. Is the Black Box actually black? What kind of black? Was it ever actually black? Stupid people only look for the Black Box. That's why they don't know what kind of box the Black Box actually is, or what's inside.

"Suppose the black goat sends the white goat to find a letter that he hid of his own volition; with what purpose has he done so?"**
Only one person has ever asked me that. I think it's likely that that person was the type to have some doubt as to whether the box was actually black or not. Or, it could be that they "knew" something else. There's a big difference between "understanding" and "knowing".

Just who was that person—nah, that's just me talking to myself.

Now, let's get back to talking about the box. Why did that box disappear? The ancient age—right, the box that has been protected by Keyblade wielders ever since long, long ago, has gone away somewhere. Why am I looking for it, you ask? Well, it's a story where a lot happened. What exactly are you trying to ask?

Is it a story from when I had a different name? That's right, there was definitely a time when my name was different.

Luxu—it was that name. You're asking me if I forgot? There's no way I forgot. It's not something to forget, right?

There were six Foretellers. What are the Foretellers, you ask? Well, people who foretell—nah, actually they're the ones to whom the Book of Prophecies were entrusted. Those times were kind of fun. But this is a story from before those times ended. Even I had a training period. Don't look at me like you don't believe me.

Hey, if I told you this world is going to end, what would you do? Would you think there's nothing you can do, or would you think that you had to do something? Remember what I just told you about the Black Box. No one really understands what kind of black it is. And what is the end of the world in the first place? Will it be pure black, or pure white? No one understands what will actually happen. But, there was someone—a person who did know. That person gave the Foretellers missions along with the Book of Prophecies. Each mission was different. I have no idea what he was thinking when he gave me this mission. And I don't understand whether that was correct, either.

**As far as I can tell, this seems to be a reference to a Japanese children's song called "Yagisan Yuubin". It's a song that exists in an infinite loop where two characters, black and white goats, continually write letters to each other but then eat the letters without ever reading them.

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