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9th Dec 2019 from TwitLonger

2020 and me as a player.

The past

Playing jungle has lead to me being on 7 different teams, playing in 5 tournaments and 2 LAN events.

I have always loved playing competitive, it's by far the best part of League of Legends and I have always been passionate about turning it into something more than just a hobby.
I started playing League (and jungle) in 2016, ever since then my drive to play competitive and improve has grown and grown, that is... until recently.
I think it's fair to say during my time playing jungle I exceeded expectations of myself from others, I was a Diamond “Twitter shitposter” playing vs Master and challenger players and whilst I was never anywhere close to being the “Best UK jungler” I think I gave a good shot of proving I could hold my own vs UKLC junglers and much higher Elo players than myself.

I mentioned my solo Q rank being lower than most other players I played vs, the main reason being I hated playing jungle in solo Q (something that only got progressively worse).
I would rarely go into a solo Q game looking to improve and I would never play solo Q for fun (Explains the millions of ARAM’s I've played), I would play x amount of games because i had to and not because I wanted to, and it became unhealthy. I stagnated as a player and stopped improving, meaning that I was good enough to be one of the best junglers in tournaments such as UKEL, but just not good enough to be in the main leagues such as UKLC as a starting player.
To me as someone who wanted to “make it” so badly a year ago it's so depressing to look back and see that I got stuck in that position, that's why I decided I needed to make some changes to me as a person and as a competitive player.

Me as a player
By far my strongest qualities as a player is my voice (shot calling), jungle tracking (god stop the memes) and being able to pick what was best for a team (Astro large champion pool) and adapt to what was needed for the rest of the team to succeed (Thanks to all the mids I've played with in teams that let me have my own raptor camps, I really appreciate you xoxox).
I think a recurring theme is that a lot of the strong qualities I have as a player fit very well into what was my “off role”. Support…..


2020 will be the first year where I main a role that isn't jungle… as I'm role swapping to support.
This is something ive been committed to for around 5 months now and have honestly loved playing not only in scrims and inhouse games but also in solo Q. Support feels so enjoyable to play and it's amazing just how many transferable skills there is from jungle to support such as warding, map movement/awareness, spicy champion picks, and I can still shot call!. It’s brought back a lot of motivation to improve and a want of making this more than just a hobby.

So yeah… I'm a support now, wish me luck x
(P.S I'm posting LFT soon)

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