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6th Dec 2019 from TwitLonger

Whats been going on in my life, where I've been & what the future holds.

As most of yall know, 2019 hasn't really been my year. Yall know the stuff, if you don't you can catch up here: https://youtu.be/FLWL-AoclC4 (Minus the fortnite part, still hate the competitive format and stuff but playing with friends is actually decent for me now lol)
TLDR of the video -> Grieving over both my grandmas & one of my favorite aunts, some friends I lost to violence this year, fixing my health from being trash for 5 years and more. Things that happened recently were Exie (gf/youtube editor girl) getting very sick with life threatening b.s and helping her, I lost my grandpa and a great aunt last month, and more but I aint tryna make this a sob story so...
Anyways lets get to the point of this:
I went through so much b.s this year and I learned so much from it all but I hate how this year went for me. Not only because of all the unfortunate things that happened. I'm disappointed in myself in terms of how much I streamed, I hate how I haven't posted much to youtube, twitter, instagram, etc. Even tho it was all to make sure my family, Exie, and my own mental and physical health is good; it ate at me every single day. Yes I benefit alot from the long break in my personal life, but Im a grinder, im a hustler. I'm using every single day that I didn't stream & post, all the self disappointment, all the hate that I had built up in myself for not being there for you guys and the stream and all that, and turning it all into MOTIVATION. Im not trying to make this long as hell aint nobody tryna read an essay but long story short, Im slowly getting back into the swing of things as 2019 winds down. I will be in 100% full swing of things January 2020, and that year is gonna be MY YEAR. Im nipping everything in the bud before the year flips over and then im locking myself into a lil bubble and focusing on myself, you guys, and the content. I have so many plans, so so so many plans and its gonna be wild, entertaining, and fun for all of us. You guys are gonna see :) , but I am so motivated, im so ready, and im gonna make all these things that I want to happen, happen. I just wanna thank all of you for being so patient and waiting on me to get my shit together. You guys are a blessing to me that words cant express how genuinely appreciative I am. I love you. Thanks again.

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