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6th Dec 2019 from TwitLonger

Leaving the Oddity R6 roster

First of all some background. As a team we have been struggling ever since we started preparing for the upcoming season. In my opinion a combination of role changes, new strats and simply not putting in a enough effort as a team caused these problems. Over time after weeks of poor performances in scrims attitude also started to become a problem. Fast forward to 2 days ago. I was messaging Sinnix (our coach) spit balling ideas on what we can do to fix the problems we were having. He replied saying he wanted to have a 1 on 1 meeting with me later that night which I didn't really think anything of because it;s something he has done with everyone as soon as he became coach. So the meeting starts and basically he said that the "team" has decided to kick Vinnie because he has attitude problems which left me completely stunned. I was never consulted about this and completely disagree that Vinnie has any attitude problem at all that is worthy of him being kicked from the team. He gets frustrated in scrims, as do I, when people keep making the same mistakes over and over again which in my opinion is completely fair. We are a competitive team, we are here to win. In my opinion our biggest problem since we stared preparing for the upcoming season was people not putting in enough effort. Vinnie was the only person on the team apart from myself who was actually putting in enough effort. The two of us probably spent more time in custom games looking for new things we could do than the whole time we did dry runs as a team. If people were putting in more effort none of this would have happened but instead of putting in effort to try and improve people shut down and just made things worse (absolute shit comms in scrims and people not contributing at all during dry runs).

After arguing these points to Sinnix I realised that the decision had already been made and that it was going to happen regardless of my opinion. At this point Sinnix also tells me that the "team" has decided to pick up Dgtl as Vinnies replacement. Now I dont have any problems with Dgtl, I think he has the potential to be a very good player but hes definitely not a like for like replacement in terms of roles but once again the "team" had made such a huge decision without me getting any input at all. This was a lot too take in all at once and thats where the meeting ended.

2 hours later I told Sinnix that I wanted to leave the team immediately. I strongly oppose both decisions the "team" made behind my back. Vinnie was not the cause of our problems and Dgtl isn't a Vinnie replacement (please dont take this the wrong was Dgtl)

So whats next? I'm not sure. At the time of this tweet roster lock has already happened so I cant join a team for at least half a season. I still have the desire to be involved in siege at the highest level possible so I guess hmu with any offers (player or coach)

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